Ben Hoo

Everything looks different at night.

Shrouded in darkness, the clear view of the cityscape can become something mysterious, romantic, threatening. It’s a time for exploration, for evocation, for dancing.

Ben Hoo hails from London but works with a label which boasts strong connections to Berlin. Two cities famed for their nightlife, it’s no surprise that the producer has a little darkness, a little grit in his work.

Signed to Get Physical sub-label Kindisch, Ben Hoo’s discography to date comprises two EPs which span the divide between classical and electronic fields. New compilation ‘Collected’, though, is perhaps his most diverse offering yet.

Out on July 5th, it’s a compilation of sorts, although the producer continuously threads new themes through his work. As a special Track of the Day, ClashMusic are able to premiere new track ‘Nightscape’.

Jagged tech-house with a driving, direct feel, this perhaps sits on the Berlin / Berghain side of Ben Hoo’s personality. However there’s a stiff, brittle, itchy sense of funk which could only come from London life.

Listen to it now.

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