Fresh Made Lemonade

If, like us, you’ve been waiting years for Southampton’s smooth soul crooning scene to finally yield its first harvest, then fear not... that moment has come.

Barnaby is a fresh and unsigned solo chap who’s finally bobbed to the surface with his debut solo track ‘Fresh Made Lemonade’. It’s almost four minutes of cashmere-coated R&B pop guided by his glassy vocals and fruity (in every way) lexicon.

The bubbling synths and slow beat sounds like a codeine-soaked Two Inch Punch, and judging from the tags he’s hooked into his SoundCloud, they pull their influences from similar swamps of neo-soul: “Frank Ocean, Miguel, Drake, Justin Timberlake,” read some amongst many.

Barnaby is part of a new, growing smooth scene in Southampton (no, we weren’t joking), following in the wake of former Artful Dodger-plus-friend-duo and Black Butter signees, DEVolution. ‘Fresh Made Lemonade’ is all that’s surfaced so far, but with the self-facilitating Barnaby responsible for all writing, production, mixing, instrumentation and live visuals, plus a forthcoming collab with T33TH producer Dreamtrak, we reckon the next batch can only get sweeter.

The first 150 can download ‘Fresh Made Lemonade’ here, and then the track will switch to stream only.

Listen to it now... Grab it HERE.

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Words: Joe Zadeh

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