Fragments Of Self
Max Cooper artwork

Classical music and electronics have always enjoyed (or endured) a symbiotic experience.

After all, it was classically trained iconoclasts such as John Cage who first introduced machinery to an orchestra, while Kraftwerk's seminal musings were underpinned by strict musical theory.

So the current wave of artists fusing classical soundscapes with electronic production should be expected. Max Cooper has always had a foot in both camps, and his latest project makes this relationship quite explicit.

Tom Hodge is a classical pianist, a musician who - in his own quiet way - has broken just as many rules as Cooper. The two paired up earlier this year, and their free-flowing exchange of ideas has resulted in something challenging yet blissfully peaceful.

New EP 'Fragmented Self' is out today (October 28th) and contains four slices of new music. Clash is able to stream the title track - a wonderfully introspective composition, which melds the light-fingered touch of Hodge to Cooper's IDM infused production.

No doubt complex in its execution, 'Fragmented Self' is remarkably soft on the ear. As fragile as rice paper, it feels like the slightest gust, the merest disturbance could rip it asunder.

Listen to it now.

'Fragmented Self' is out now. Tracklisting:

1 Fragments of Self
2 Quantet
3 Fragments of Self (Petrels remix)
4 Von Der Klippe Fallen (Beatport bonus track)

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