The Moth & The Flame

There's an Anglophile tendency which runs deep in the United States.

For example, The Moth & The Flame sound for all the world like an English group.

There's that awkward sense of funk, the gentle, lilting vocals which seep straight off the village green. Sounding not unlike XTC or even Young Knives, there's an intelligence, a knowing wink to each song. 

Yet they're from Los Angeles. In a way, that seems appropriate: there's a rock edge to the material, a visceral rawness which reflects the city's unique, pressure cooker atmosphere.

New EP '&' was produced by Joey Waronker, and lead cut 'Sorry' has made its way online. Underneath a desperate, pleading vocal The Moth & The Flame have a Krautrock sensibility, a bass-heavy physicality which adds muscle to the bitter-sweet lyrics.

The video for 'Sorry' features a man alienated in his own home by life size dolls.

Now, let's all tune in and oscillate wildly, shall we?

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