I Am The Devil
Sean Grant

These days, it can often seem that new artists are running shy of The Big Topics.

Eschewing large scale, intellectual subject matter, new artists hone in on the personal, on using vague themes rather than direct messages.

Sean Grant stands defiantly against this. Working with his new band The Wolfgang, upcoming EP 'We Are The Working Class' seethes, writhes and rages with a rare intelligence.

Out on June 2nd via the Shipping Forecast, it finds Sean Grant tackling history, politics and identity across his punk-tinged folk textures.

New cut 'I Am The Devil' is a case in point. Inspired by a true story in his family, the song traces the meeting of Grant's grandparents and their subsequent flee from Ireland - as one was Protestant and the other Catholic.

Re-visiting the hardships they faced, Sean Grant And The Wolfgang trace out a powerful tale of the impact organised religion can have on the lives of everyday people.

Watch the video now.

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