Lonely Morning

Busking is almost a lost art form.

Once, anyone with a musical instrument could toddle off down the high street to earn a few pennies. Sure, it resulted in a fair bit of ear ache, but everyone from Joe Strummer to The Pogues, Pete Doherty to The Courteeners have learned their trade dodging the barbed feedback of shoppers.

Tom Cawte and David Thornley - the two members who make up Babeshadow - sit in this lineage. Heading off around Europe, the pair helped to fund their travels through busking at each destination.

Helping to fuel an easy going chemistry, these busking sessions were the beginning of a more permanent project. Babeshadow draw on classic British influences - that rollicking bar room piano, the crooning observation of The Libertines - but there's a curious individual streak at work here.

Debut EP 'Sea Serpents' was released last year on Luv Luv Luv, and found the songwriting partnership rapidly coming into its own. Support dates followed, with headline shows finding Babeshadow in their easy-going element.

With summer drawing in around us, the duo have clearly decided that the time is right for a new pop moment. 'Lonely Morning' is a bittersweet tale of love lost and opportunity blown, of making your mistakes and learning from your regrets.

Out on July 29th, you can listen to it first on Clash...

Babeshadow have confirmed the following shows:

2 London Hoxton Bar & Kitchen
5 Leicestershire Lubstock Festival
6 London Purple Turtle
20 Sheffield Tramlines Festival
27 Somerset Farmfest

9 London The Finsbury

27 Great Malvern Re-Con

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