Give Me Something

There’s something moving, something unmistakably chilling about Seafret.

The rising duo – still unfathomably young – are rooted in acoustic fare, songcraft which sounds both deeply traditional and immediately fresh.

 Hailing from the North East town of Bridlington, the pair took their name from the summer fog which rolls in off the North Sea. Grounded in the North yet currently living in London, Seafret’s music has an odd sense of dis-location, the melancholy which can only come through being surrounded by unfamiliar surroundings.

New EP ‘Give Me Something’ arrives on September 21st via Sweet Jane Recordings. A neat introduction to their world, Clash is able to kick off the week by premiering the title cut.

‘Give Me Something’ finds Jack Sedman’s vocals nestling gently in Harry Draper’s light, lilting arrangement. The simplicity is devastating, with the tale of lost love gathering in intensity until it collapses at the finale, the end notes vaporising into air.

Check it out now.

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