I Don't Need You At All
Miles Kane

In these days of instant access downloads, the art of the B-side has almost been forgotten.

Way back when, eager fans would flip their latest 45 over to find what strange, beguiling delights waited them on the other side. It was an excuse for bands to stretch out, to loosen up a little and try something different.

Miles Kane seems committed to this ideal. New single 'Taking Over', the latest track to emerge from the songwriter's spirited second full length.

Available as a digital download and on seven inch vinyl, 'Taking Over' comes equipped with a brand new cut on the B-side. 'I Don't Need You At All' is a heavy psych monster, with those opening guitar chords thundering in like Pete Townshend at his most primitive.

As cocky as you like, 'I Don't Need You At All' is about escape - escaping a claustrophobic relationship to re-discover your life, your ambitions.

Far from throwaway flip-side fodder, 'I Don't Need You At All' is a shuddering, strutting epic which comes closer than ever to capturing Miles Kane's live energy.

Listen to it now.

Just one more thing... Clash spoke to Miles Kane earlier this year for a Twitter Q&A - check out some selected highlights HERE.

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