Spanish Nights
Tiger Tsunami

The clocks have gone back, temperatures are dropping and South East England is emerging from St. Jude's storm.

Yep, summer's been and gone. A torn and tattered memory, fluttering by on a cool breeze as rain clouds begin to draw across the sky. Just as the final rays of August were settling on our brow, London's Tiger Tsunami delivered 'Spanish Nights'.

Imbued with the blissful heat of the Mediterranean, it's hazy, pointillist take on house music's palette was a fresh, re-freshing way to see out the summer.

With winter beginning to make itself known, the time is right for 'Spanish Nights' to gain its own video. Blazing with colour, the clip features an array of characters both young and old soaking up the Spanish sun.

There's a curiously innocent, un-staged feel to the clip. Saturated in light, it feels almost like a memory...

'Spanish Nights' is out now. Find Tiger Tsunami on Facebook HERE.

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