'Anytime Minutes' (Factory Floor, Nik Volk Void)
Tim Burgess

Tim Burgess might well be one of the busiest men in British music.

The past two years alone have brought heavy touring with The Charlatans, his first book, countless DJ spots, the creation of his Tim Peaks pop up coffee shop and the odd solo engagement.

In fact, it's his solo career which is currently concerning Tim Burgess. Releasing 'Oh No I Love You' at the tail end of 2012, a few offers for remixes came popping into his Inbox.

The project quickly gained a life of its own, until another album began to take shape. 'Oh No I Love You More' is a re-shaped version of those original studio recordings, with the likes of Django Django, Prince Fatty, Anton Newcombe and more.

Out now, ClashMusic are able to bring you one of the album's more out-there compositions. Nik Volk Void has come to wider attention as a member of Factory Floor, but the producer's own compositions are equally worthy of your attention.

Grabbing hold of 'Anytime Minutes' the producer seems to turn it into chopped, spliced tape music. Introducing a highly mechanised notion of the element of chance, this is droning, repetitive and more than a little exploratory.

Listen to it now.

Photo Credit: Emily Bailey

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