The Seeds You Sow (The Hics Remix)

A blossoming example of regeneration, Glasgow can still be a tough place.

Ragged around the edges though it may be, the city has a heart of gold, a generosity of spirit fit to pour our of the most nimble of pop songs.

Which perhaps explains the shining, gossamer pop of Prides. Newcomers, their fluorescent take on the synth-pop template is blessed with searing colour, with a vivid outline.

New single 'The Seeds You Sow' drops on March 31st, with the Scottish group matching a huge, uplifting chorus to lyrics which hint at a rather more darker, melancholic meaning.

Singer Stewart Brock explains: "'The Seeds You Sow' is about realising that the things that happen around you are a result of your own actions. It's about realising that the one you're with isn't the one, and the consequences that go with it. We wanted to make sure that it was loud, brave, and would grab people as soon as they heard it. The vocal hook is all about letting go, losing yourself, shouting as loud as you can, caution to the wind."

London based collective The Hics recently played a Clash x Next Wave show at Hackney's Oslo venue, impressing the capacity crowd with their dextrous, nimble take on electronics. Stepping in on remix duties, the band strip away the production to reveal a looping, jazz-tinged beat.

Check it out below.

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