Letts is the alter ego of Christian Letts, a songwriter almost uniquely equipped to find light in darkness, purity in the shade.

The songwriter returns again and again to themes of overcoming darkness, whether that may be on a personal level or a more spiritual, metaphorical one.

Debut album 'Hold Fast' is out now, and it's a literate, intriguing document, one that is sonically rich and lyrically dense. Recorded right here in the UK, it was actually produced by Marcus Mumford and it shares that organic, natural feel that dominates so much of his own work.

Clash is able to premiere the cinematic clip for 'Emeralds', and it's an insight into the creative world of Letts. Starring Devon Bostick and Margaux Brooke, and directed by Nicholaus Goossen, it picks up on the dramatic themes within the song itself.

Letts explains: "Beginnings and endings turn like golden illuminated pages. Circular discoveries, whirling, lost lovers reborn. Curtains set fire to reveal the light. Giant windows behind you and in front of you. Each break gleaming. The fall and the rise. Emeralds and Crowns. Turning turning turning."

Check it out now - and don't forget to check out the BTS shots up top.

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