Manchester newcomers with familiar faces

For all its undoubted size, Manchester remains a remarkably close knit place.

Sometimes it can seem that everyone knows one another, lending its music scene a fertile air. Ideas are swapped, songs are recorded and bands are formed on a near daily basis.

Which perhaps explains TOKOLOSH. An unfamiliar name with familiar faces, the group contain members of The Whip and The Earlies alongside Liam Frost. First up, though, we'll allow guitarist Christian Madden to explain the meaning behind the moniker. “I thought it was a beautiful but powerful and rhythmic-sounding name that matched perfectly with the aggressive drums and Liam's darkly sexual lyrics. In South African culture, the Tokoloshe is this mischievous character capable of truly awful things". 

Matching a sensitive use of electronics to crunching riffs, TOKOLOSH are plotting their next single. Available through Static Caravan, 'Shapeshifter' / 'Bloodlines' showcases both sides of the band's personality.

ClashMusic have been granted first play of 'Shapeshifter'. Buoyed by infectious handclaps, exploring the vagaries of a relationship has rarely been so much fun.

'Shapeshifter' / 'Bloodlines' is set to be released on March 11th.


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