'Flatmate Ghost (Kellerkind Remix)'
Soukie & Windish

"I am beginning to feel this nocturnal existence tell on me. It is destroying my nerve. I start at my own shadow and am full of all sorts of horrible imaginings..."

Silicone Soul’s Darkroom Dubs project is now ten years old. A decade is a long time, y’know – dicatatorships have come and gone, wars have been fought and politicians jailed.

Yet still Scotland’s disco-house collective are thriving. Twilight sounds built for dancefloor use, the Silicone Soul brand have established careers and developed its own identity, one built on quality over immediacy, taste over hype.

Toasting their 10th anniversary with a number of events and releases, Silicone Soul are set to launch ‘Darkroom Dubs Vol. 3’ later this Spring. Featuring old friends and complete newcomers, it’s a tantalising cross section of electronic noir.

To coincide with its release, Clash are able to stream Kellerkind’s remix of ‘Flatmate Ghost’ by Soukie & Windish. Opening with smeared synths, the track dies down to little more than a cracked snare before building back up into a sci-fi disco odyssey.

Expansive house with a dark edge, the track seems to epitomise ‘Darkroom Dubs’ singular output.

Listen to it now...

Fancy some more? Here’s a promo video Silicone Soul have commissioned for the Darkroom Dubs project featuring silent movie footage and yet more exclusive music.


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