Break My Heart By Morning
Young Romance

Indie pop has always been a slightly strange moniker.

After all, the indie scene stands staunchly against the pop world, with its community-led, amateur-driven status standing in opposition to pop's big-budget sheen.

Yet at heart, the indie world has a shrewd pop touch. Think The Vaselines magical naivety or Belle & Sebastian's contagious whimsy - it's there at every turn.

Young Romance then, are both utterly indie and utterly pop. The two piece use buzz-saw guitars and sighing vocals, with new single 'Pale' marking an imposing introduction.

Out on March 10th, Clash has a special surprise for fans. Flip side 'Break My Heart By Morning' is, remarkably, even better with Young Romance adding a bittersweet taste to their gleeful pop fuzz.

Rarely has heartbreak sounded so sweet...

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