Summer 720
Bored Spies

Sometimes, only the sweetest of sounds will do.

This is where Bored Spies come in. A Singapore-based trio revelling in spacious dynamics, swoonsome jangles and tear-jerkingly understated melodies, they’ll leave your bottom lip stuck firmly on its ‘tremble’ setting.

Debut single ‘Summer 720’ is a case in point, as a suitably world-weary guitar line introduces the insouciant sighs of Cherie Ko. “Try to feel something to say that I’m alive,” she sings, as though gazing forlornly at the horizon through a rain-spattered window. “There’s nothing out there.”

OK, noise-rock fans might want to look away now, although anyone tending a flame for metallic mathematicians Bitch Magnet might be intrigued to note the presence of Sooyung Park and Orestes Morfin amongst the Bored Spies alumni. Gone is the post-hardcore bludgeoning of yore, replaced instead by a collegiate indie rock that’s faintly reminiscent of Death Cab For Cutie at their most evocative, or perhaps the sweeping beauty of Wisconsin emo types Rainer Maria. A bold step, but the change of tack rather suits them: this is effortlessly winsome guitar pop at its heartstring-tugging best.

Bored Spies hit UK shores for the first time in June, with ‘Summer 720’ already on the shelves thanks to the good people at Damnably/Deer Island.

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Bored Spies are set to play the Windmill in London this Thursday (June 6th).

Words by Will Fitzpatrick

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