'In The Mood For Love' (Bambooman remix)
Midnight Davis

Electronic music is often viewed as veering towards the euphoric, as attempting to present something unified, whole.

Yet a new breed of producers seem intent on using machines replicate the fragmentary, stuttering nature of modern life. Missed trains, traffic jams. Missed calls, overheard conversations. Missed friends, the intense whirr of social media.

Midnight Davis comes close to capturing this. An allusive, at times impenetrable figure, the producer sits in the no-man's-land between bass culture and left field electronics, immersive sounds and definitive detail.

Forthcoming EP 'Severence' is the producer's most impressive document yet. Flecked with gravestone-grey, its monochrome-hued production is shadowed with rare flashes of colour which illuminate with a rare fluorescence.

Leaving huge amounts of space in his music, each piece from Midnight Davis feels like a starting point, a place for beginnings. As a result, his material is perfect for a careful, sympathetic guest producer.

Which is exactly the role Bambooman fulfils. Based in Leeds, the rising beat smith grasps 'In The Mood For Love' and flushes it with colour, like rain tumbling through a grate.

Listen to it now.

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