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Kid Canaveral

There's a vein of Americana which contains Scottish blood.

After all, Glasgow is the city which gave birth to a band named Texas - despite none of the members having ever seen the bright lights of Austin. It's a rather different sensibility, though, which flushes through the creativity of Kid - not Cape - Canaveral.

Formed in St. Andrews almost five years ago, Kid Canaveral's sharp, intelligent take on DIY indie pop has made them more than a few friends in their native Scotland. Heading out to SXSW last year, the band were able to take their sound international - and managed to see Austin before some members of Texas.

Debut album 'Shouting At Wildlife' was a cult hit, with its wry, self-deprecating lyrics matched to guitar hooks that recalled Pavement, Weezer and more local heroes such as (middle period) Idlewild. Currently beavering away in the studio, Kid Canaveral should be in the position to release their second album early next year.

Which is why we're delighted to be streaming a new track from the band. 'Low Winter Sun' is set to feature on said LP, but will first see the light of day on a split seven inch with Fence supremo and thoroughly decent chap The Pictish Trail on t'other side.

Opening with relentless drums and chugging guitars that hint at 'Monster' era R.E.M., 'Low Winter Sun' is a mini-epic. A real statement of intent from the group, it's one of the compact, addictive and complete things Kid Canaveral have put their name to.

Listen to it now...

- - -

'Low Winter Sun' is out on December 17th. Watch out for the second half of this single later in the week!


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