Happy Scenes
Great Ytene

Words may be tied to meaning, but very often they are cut loose, floating free amidst the logical ether.

The other day, ClashMusic were sent a batch of mp3s by a band called Great Ytene. As a name, it sounds wonderful - at one English and exotic, intimately familiar yet mysterious and unknowable.

Turns out, we weren't far from the mark. The Ytene, y'see, is an old Anglo-Saxon name for parts of the New Forest, an area which remains one of the most densely wooded places in the country.

Right from the off, there's an emphasis on sound, on switching off logical faculties to explore the senses. From what we've heard thus far, The Great Ytene are attempting to channel that lush, widescreen sound into something which has an immediate impact.

Signed to Marshall Teller, the band are currently preparing a new single. Lead cut 'Happy Scenes' presses all the right buttons - glorious rippling guitar lines, vocals which are submerged just below a reverb fudge and driving beats which border on the infinite Motorik groove of Can.

There's an expansive, psychdelic edge here, one which peers past the prosaic meaning of everyday life to dwell in the imagination.

Listen to it now.

The Great Ytene are set to release their new single 'Happy Scenes' on July 8th. Pre-order link.

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