'Let The Good Times Roll'
JD McPherson

Some things ain’t ever going to change.

Businesses will cheat, politicians will bend the truth and the blues will remain forever the blues.

JD McPherson seems to accept this. The American artist’s influences are drawn from primal R&B, blues, country and soul, a tapestry which entwines to make something special.

The singer isn’t just echoing his influences, though. New album ‘Let The Good Times Roll’ drops on February 10th via Rounder, and it’s a blistering display of crisp songcraft, crystal clear production and driving, driving percussion.

Clash is able to stream the title cut and it’s a fantastic introduction. ‘Let The Good Times Roll’ may echo the sentiments of Louis Jordan’s oft-covered classic, but this is a brand new song, built entirely from the ground up.

Looking his influences straight in the eye, JD McPherson has given us yet another reason to get excited about 2015.

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