Skeleton Key

One of the surprising facets about this here R&B resurgence is just how Trans-Atlantic the phenomenon is.

Whilst the first wave was almost exclusively Stateside, this new generation seems keen to fuse European electronics with the splinters of R&B.

Born in Boston and based in London, Kenzie May knows this better than anyone. Sure, her smooth, sultry vocals are born from a youth spent focussing on Aayilah's every utterance, but the production behind her current direction is distinctly European.

There's that low slung beat, for starters, or even her love of imposing bass, a fog which pours slowly, relentlessly over her voice.

Working with the likes of FTSE, Sub Focus and Metronomy - that's Kenzie taking backing vocals on 'I'm Aquarius' - new EP 'Skeleton Key' finds the singer establishing her own voice.

The title cut is wonderfully brooding, with Kenzie May finding the darkness in beauty, and the beauty in darkness.

Watch the video for 'Skeleton Key' now.

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