'Hey Guys! I Know The Names Of The Culprits'

Noise, noise blissful noise...

Saturated sound is a nice way to relax. Volume as a sedative, feedback as a way to blot out the world...

The Suicide Of Western Culture hail from Spain. Not a country noted for its electronic output - in fact, Spanish music tends to be introverted, matching slick commercial pop to a regional flavour.

Yet here we are. A grandiose name for an ambitious project, The Suicide Of Western Culture match carefully constructed, granulated noise with a melodic pop touch which gets under your skin. Using very basic instrumentation - including broken toys and reams of second hand synths - the pair sit somewhere between cerebral post-rock and the naivety of Animal Collective.

Epic new album 'Hope Only Brings Pain' is set to drop shortly, an inquisitive, addictive work from a project rapidly coming into its own. Ahead of this, ClashMusic are able to stream lengthy electronic excursion 'Hey guys! I know the name of the culprits...' - swathes of noise broadcast in a swooning, landscape fashion, you can listen to it below.

Here's a note about the track:

"A few years ago, when TSOWC used to go out after work to drink at a bar in their city with a good bunch of freinds.One day a 70 years old man approached them and said "kids I know who is to blame for everything." He predicted many things about the bank embezzlement, corruption in Spain, "the housing bubble", etc.. The truth is that they were surprised at the end of the night, and with liters of alcohol in the blood runnin, the all thing was soon raving more and more... Finally the man showed a badge and a gun, was a retired Civil Guard. They decided to end the conversation then..."


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