Alex Coulton

Dub and techno are strange bedfellows.

On the surface, the spiritual emptiness of dub has little in common with the steely, kinetic, Futurist drive of techno. Yet, from the unification of Basic Channel onwards, the two have enjoyed an engrossing, symbiotic relationship.

Manchester based producer Alex Coulton flips between these two poles. Steeped in a very British techno vision, Coulton always has a love of the echo chamber, for the crushing weight that bass textures run through a full system can produce.

Releasing material on a flurry of labels, Alex Coulton was recently drawn into the orbit of Bristol's Black Acre imprint. It's a relationship which makes sense: currently in somewhat of a purple patch, Black Acre's identity if founded on variation, on continually moving ahead.

Out on November 25th, two track affair 'Murda' / 'Break Pressure' is one of the heaviest things Coulton has yet placed his name against. Deep, propulsive shards of electronics, 'Murda' is the sound of metallic techno being viewed through a junglist lens.

From those tortured air-horn sounds to the staggering, stuttering beat, this is nightmarish party music.

Listen to it now.

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