Twin Peaks
Alice Russell

The infinite universe of soul...

Sam Cooke had it. Aretha has it. Right here in the UK, though, we've got our own soul sensation, someone who is busy updating the template for the 21st century whilst leaving the heart intact.

Alice Russell hails from the Midlands and is a long time Tru Thoughts associate. Her delivery is smooth yet full of emotion, while musically Russell often touches on jazz, hip hop and even electronics.

New album 'To Dust' is set to be released this month, with lead cut 'Heartbreaker' - and its Harry Shearer aided video - emerging online at the tail end of last year.

As a preview, ClashMusic have been handed album track 'Twin Peaks'. Opening with a few fractured piano chords, the track has that vintage feel with the production capturing each hiss and crack.

Alice Russell's vocals are typically flawless, paying homage to her influences while easing into her own identity. Listen to it below.

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'To Dust' is out this month.


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