'Brighter' (Bassi Mt. Wolf Remix)
The Ramona Flowers

Texture is everything.

The way sound is constructed, the way each part moves in between the next; the way sound rises, then falls in blissful undulation: texture, y'see, is quite important.

The Ramona Flowers know their way around a song, the way to construct a supple middle eight then crash back into the chorus. However where new single 'Brighter' really impresses is the way that the rising Bristol outfit can use texture almost as an extra instrument.

The songwriting has an epic edge, for sure, but this mesh of guitars and electronics thrives on pure sound. Handing the stems to some guest producers, the band are ready to unveil some quite distinct takes on their sound.

Mt. Wolf are a rising London group who ply their own very fine trade in soaring electronics with a human touch. The group's Bassi has stepped in to remix 'Brighter', pulling out the light and shade of the original for a blissful re-working that borders on the ambient.

Something to get lost in. Listen to it now.

'Brighter' is set to be released on September 9th.

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