Hours Away

A sweet melody with sad lyrics. A guitar song draped in synths. A Scandinavian group named after a French song.

There's little about Sambassadeur which makes any kind of direct sense. In the whirlwind world of the Scandinavian music scene - where bands are formed, record a double album and split in less than a week - the group have managed to hold out for over a decade.

With three albums, a handful of EPs and countless singles under their belt it's clear that Sambassadeur are no slouches. Maintaining a close association to the Labrador label, the band have been able to build up a devoted fanbase outfit their native Scandinavia without going back on their principles.

New single 'Memories' / 'Hours Away' is a great introduction. 'Memories' is all wistful songwriting, the sort of thing which emerges if a) you're in a kickass indie pop outfit and b) you live in an area which is plunged into nigh on perennial darkness for nine months of the year.

Our latest Track of the Day, though, is quite different. Opening with epic drum beats, the track pushes on in a My Bloody Valentine style piece of shoegaze composition. All smooth edges, sighing vocals and chugging guitars, 'Hours Away' finds Sambassadeur managing to rock out without losing their innate intelligence.

Listen to it now.

'Memories / Hours Away' is out on seven inch vinyl from November 20th.


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