'We Are You (Tom Furse Extrapolation)'
Lay Llamas

The most modern of music crafted amidst the most ancient of ruins.

An Italian duo, Lay Llamas kicked off work on their debut album last year. Working in the Sicilian countryside, the pair took over a cottage lingering beside the great Temple of Hera.

Composing in this beautifully desolate area, Lay Llamas allowed the atmosphere of the place to seep into their music. Lengthy psychedelic meditations, the usual touchstones - Syd Barrett, Krautrock, the Japanese school - sit alongside unusual flourishes, unexpected instrumentation.

Devoutly Italian yet universal in its outlook, debut album 'Ostro' takes its name from a wind which blows across the Mediterranean from north Africa to Sicily. Out on May 25th via Rocket Recordings, The Horrors' Tom Furse has stepped in to re-work album highlight 'We Are You'.

A lengthy, droning piece of psychedelia, there is no small measure of precision to its slithering, snake-like pattern. Undulating electronics matched with flecks of acoustic instrument, its vivid colour will no doubt leave you startled.

Check it out now.


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