Renaissance Girls
Oh Land

In a way, Scandinavia is perfectly placed to re-invent pop music.

The area is close enough to the English-speaking West to fully absorb pop culture, but there’s a barrier, a distinctness which allows Scandinavians to add something new to the mixture.

Hailing from Denmark, Oh Land makes the kind of supremely beautiful synth-pop most new artists can only dream about.

Real name Nanna Øland Fabricius, the songwriter delivered her debut album back in 2011 to outstanding acclaim. One fan was none other than Dave Sitek, who invited the Danish artist to sign with his Federal Prism label.

Studio sessions have resulted in a follow up, with ‘Wish Bone’ promising to realise the promise of those early recordings.

Out in October, lead single ‘Renaissance Girls’ is a powerful indication of what to expect. Set to be released on September 24th, this is crystalline in the truest sense: multi-faceted, delicate, incredibly strong and quite, quite beautiful.

Watch the video below.

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