'Must Be Love' ft. Cassie

Sampling isn't theft - it's an art form, a discipline in its own right.

Sure, some artists refuse to sample - preferring the egalitarian thrills of painstaking construction - but, given the myriad of technologies now available, it can sometimes be difficult to avoid it.

Riton never had anything against using samples, it's just that he preferred to focus on his own voice. However over the past few months the producer has been re-thinking the way he approaches music, taking on board new influences in the process.

Set to be available from July 1st, new mixtape / album 'Can't Stop The Clock' utilises frequent samples. Speaking recently, the producer explained that he had been "listening to a lot of these Hip-Hop/Urban mix-tapes over the past few years will have noticed that, more often than not, they are better than the actual artist LPs. When you start a project that you know you can't sell you are empowered by musical freedom. It becomes a non-commercial work of love, because you have nobody to satisfy other than yourself. I essentially wanted to make a bunch of songs I would play out in the clubs and got to pick the vocals I loved or just thought I could have some fun with."

Opening his account with a Jeremih track, Riton has handed his next preview to Clash. 'Must Be Love' incorporates a Cassie vocal, with the producer responding with some lilting, sunshine house.

Listen to it now.

Riton has also completely overhauled his live show. Announcing five dates at some of Europe's finest clubs, the producer is set to play just one show in the UK:

5 London Fabric

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