My Love
Benin City

People often talk of African culture but, of course, African is an almost impossibly vast continent.

Yet Benin City seem to want to absorb it all, down to every last drop. Essentially a London based group, the band drew upon the many wells of highlife and soweto, afrobeat and kwaito.

Named after a Nigerian city, the group build from the rhythm up. Complex, zigzag rhythms with a lightning touch, sessions for Benin City's debut album were overseen by Micachu & The Shapes' lynchpin Marc Pell.

Working with renowned London based collective Audio Doughnuts, Benin City will release their debut LP on July 1st. Titled 'Fires In The Park' it's a subtle, supple exploration of the connections between the traditional and the modern, the personal and the collective, the rhythm and the melody.

Ahead of its release, Clash are proud to present 'My Love'. Getting right to the tender core of Benin City, you can listen to it below.

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