Directed by Focus Creeps...
'Snap Out Of It' still

Fan worship can be a dangerous thing.

Arctic Monkeys - one of the country's biggest bands for the past decade or so - know a thing or two about this.

It's a theme which crops up again in the band's latest video. Stripped from number one album 'AM', 'Snap Out Of It' has gained the visual treatment courtesy of Focus Creeps.

Opening with a woman in a swimming pool (played by Stephanie Sigman), she gets half-dressed and commences watching the television.

Intimate footage of Arctic Monkeys in the studio appears, and she seems to grow emotional, and uncomfortable watching the group - as if there's a divide, a heartbreak between them.

Dancing around the room to their music, the woman's face suddenly appears on screen. Did she imagine it, placing herself alongside the band? Or does the video hint at a real life break up within the group?

It's all very intriguing... watch it now.

- - -

'AM' is out now.


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