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Poly-creative figure bad tuner tends to let life happen.

Take new single 'Sourire'. Out now, it's a cross-continental feast, with a chance meeting leading to its construction.

Connecting on Instagram, bad tuner sent French visual artist Sofia Luna a poem in English, which she then translated into French and recorded.

“At the time I was working on an instrumental that paired perfectly with the cadence and tonality of her voice,” bad tuner explains. “Excited by the way it turned out she worked with a friend to write another poem and sent it over to me.”

These serendipitous circumstances lead to the reflective tone of the final piece, the perfect union of their two mutually inspiring approaches.

The full video airs through Clash, and Sofia shot, edited, and stars in this entrancing visual endeavour.

A woman caught in a daydream, the final project drifts between present and memory, between potential and recollection.

Tune in now.

Photo Credit: Joey Perugini


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