Exclusive new video!

One of the hardest working bands around, Baddies are back.

Few bands in Britain have put as much effort into touring as this lot. The London band sweat buckets onstage, blasting through a torrent of catchy post-punk anthems with lightning quick precision.

Releasing their debut album last year, Baddies managed to capture their onstage excitement on tape. The band are set to return this week with a new EP, available to fans for absolutely nothing!

Generous souls that they are, Baddies have made four tracks available as a free download. The EP includes 'We Beat Our Chests' in both English and German, as well as a demented new remix, a lyric sheet and a video - all for absolutely nothing.


To toast the new EP, ClashMusic have grabbed the new video to 'We Beat Our Chests'. A firm favourite with fans, check out the new clip which blends studio footage with some live antics from Baddies...

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