Her re-invention continues...
Charlotte Church

Think you know Charlotte Church? Angelic choir prodigy turned pop princess, right? Wrong.

The past 12 months have found the Welsh singer taking a long, hard look in the mirror, accepting new influences and throwing away preconceptions. With the release of 'EP 2' last month, Charlotte Church seemed to find a new element to her voice.

Lead cut 'Glitterbombed' was simple, fun; eloquent without being showy, it managed to match the singer's party tendencies to something darker, more melancholy.

To coincide with the new EP, the singer recruited John Bland of OEM films to work on a new series of clips. Adding visuals to each song on 'EP 2', if you place each video together it becomes a full 19 minute long short film designed to run alongside the music.

Placed online, ClashMusic is delighted to be able to show you the clip for 'Glitterbombed'. In Charlotte's own words: "Basically, I was watching some NASA footage of some neutron stars which when pulled together start spinning around each other faster and faster until they merge and explode creating a black hole and when I was watching it, I was thinking about Glitterbombed and the meaning of the lyrics in this track. It's about the effect two people can have on each other; as you get closer you start to merge and join forces and become something different and stronger together than you were when you were apart."

Watch it now.

- - -

'EP 2' is out now.


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