Typically trippy...

The flood of information unleashed by the internet seems to have overpowered sensual exploration.

Where are the inward voyagers, the cosmonauts of the soul? Thank the spirits, then, for a new Clinic album. Set to be released on November 12th, 'Free Reign' is the band's seventh missive from the outer realms of the consciousness, and finds Daniel Lopatin joining the Scousers at their Mersey den.

By way of a preview, Clinic have lined up a new single. Taken from the album, 'Miss You' will be available on seven inch vinyl from November 12th and comes equipped with exclusive flip 'Lucky 7'. The video is a transportive effort, with The 3 Sisters (Andy Knowles, Josh McCartney & James Hicks) fusing the trippy music with some hallucinogenic visuals.

- - -

'Miss You' is set to be released on November 12th.


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