Cloud Castle Lake
Shot on the verge of sunrise on the Irish coast...

Cloud Castle Lake make music that slowly rolls over you, an unrelenting but beautiful display.

The Irish band make sure that each new release is perfect, so hopes are high around their incoming debut album 'Malingerer'.

Out on April 20th, it's preceded by new single 'Genuflect', a wonderfully cinematic piece that finds the group in full voice.

A rich, confident display, the swooping vocal erupts into a near classical display, a vastly creative experience that continually surprises.

We're able to share the visuals, and it pits Cloud Castle Lake's music against footage shot close to the verge of sunrise on the Irish coast.

The group explain: "We shot it on Brittas Bay just as the sun was coming up. Until we got in the car to do it we didn’t really have much of a plan besides the tall grass and a really funny costume. Once we decided to embrace how prog it was though it all came quite easily. It was shot by our old pal Kenny Leigh."

Tune in now.

Catch Cloud Castle Lake and MONA playing London's Moth Club on April 20th.

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