Featuring Elijah Wood
Flying Lotus video

Once, Flying Lotus was the preserve of a select few.

Now, it seems that the Los Angeles producer is able to make some of the most inspiring music of his career and find a wide audience. Onstage at the Troxy recently, Flying Lotus was able to piece together a challenging, forward thinking set which conquered an imposing theatre hall almost effortlessly.

With 'Until The Quiet Comes' set to adorn many an 'End Of Year' list, Flying Lotus has unveiled the video for album cut 'Tiny Tortures'. Featuring none other than Elijah Wood, the David Lenandowsky directed clip is a surreal, slow motion journey.

Objects shift and move on their own accord, with Elijah Wood existing in some hallucinatory landscape somewhere in the slipstream between technology driven modernity and the transformational power of the imagination. Watch it now.

- - -

'Until The Quiet Comes' is out now.


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