Lo-fi shoot...

The growth of video technology means that anyone with a decent budget can make something which looks - roughly speaking - professional.

Sadly, though, this often means the videos come out looking more or less the same. It's a dilemma, one that can be solved if would-be film makers would embrace different kinds of technology.

Shooting a clip for upcoming B-side 'Where Nobody Knows Your Name', Flyte decided to use some rather less-than-professional kit in order to obtain a more intimate, DIY feel.

The band explain: "We wanted to make a live session video but we didn't want it to look like everything else you see on YouTube. They always seem to be shot a posh camera with someone under a tree or by a river or in some immaculate warehouse space. In the end we did it with our own cameras, the ones we used for 'We Are The Rain'. They make it look like an entry into 'You've Been Framed' and we love the way the tape keeps breaking up."

Watch it now.

- - -

Flytes are set to release upcoming single 'We Are The Rain' b/w 'Where Nobody Knows Your Name' on April 28th.


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