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German artist Hauschka has always been in communion with the landscape around him.

A probing, penetrative talent, the sparsity of his compositions is matched only by the intensity with which he approaches his art.

New album 'A Different Forest' is out now, a beautifully frosted, extremely chilled experience, with Hauschka - real name Volker Bertelmann - reflecting on the impact the natural world has on his imagination.

A multi-layered, emphatically creative document, 'A Different Forest' was fuelled by the composer's lengthy walks in the German countryside, viewing it both as a space to explore and an area with its own distinct, entirely separate, mode of life.

Album highlight 'Talking To My Father' draws on formative family experiences, a song informed by love, grief, and identity, by conversations understood but often unsaid.

This new live clip finds Hauschka seated at the piano, stripping the piece down its absolute essentials, and somehow arriving closer to the song's core meaning.

He explains: “Some of the best talks I ever had with my father happened while we wandered through the woods. Our thoughts ebbed and flowed naturally, while we rested in the silence between, it was where I learnt the most about him. I wrote this piece 'Talking To My Father', in remembrance of those special times.”

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