New single emerges...
Jack White

The blues had a baby and they named it rock 'n' roll.

Yet at some points, plain ol' R&B was rock 'n' roll. Take Little Willie John: his signature tune 'I'm Shakin' is little more than full throttle rock 'n' roll and Jack White knows it. In fact, the Nashville based guitar strangler is so impressed with the soul icon's legacy that he decided to tackle his most famous hit.

A feature on his recent solo LP, Jack White's take on 'I'm Shakin' will be given a standalone single release this month. Pre-orders open on October 16th, before the track finally becomes available on October 30th. To celebrate, Jack White has shot a new video.

Matching a live performance to some incredible dance moves - sadly Jack White is not responsible for both - you can watch the video below.

- - -

Jack White is set to release 'I'm Shakin' on October 30th.


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