Dial up the new video!

Jamie Lidell is one of the most unique artists around.

Certainly, he is one of the most engaging electronic performers in the UK. The singer matches glitchy production with a deeply soulful voice, making him the missing link between Aphex Twin and Michael Jackson.

With his new album 'Compass' the singer has added a crunchy rock edge. Released earlier this year, the material was bolstered by additional production courtesy of Beck, Grizzly Bear's Chris Taylor, Lindsey Rome and Robbie Lackritz.

Ranging from the slick pop-funk of 'Enough's Enough' to the tender balladry of 'I Can Love Again' the new album is one of Jamie Lidell's most confident efforts to date.

Taken from the new album, forthcoming single 'I Wanna Be Your Telephone' is a duet of sorts between Jamie Lidell and guest vocalist Snax.

The video is a typically eye catching affair. Jamie Lidell makes a habit of matching his music with groundbreaking visuals, with his live show featuring the singer shrouded in a backdrop of lights and images.

Released on July 19th, you can watch the video to 'I Wanna Be Your Telephone' below...


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