Ice cool... literally

The trend for geography inspired names continues!

Following the success of Stornoway (who had never been to the Western Isles until recently) come Larsen B. Named after a former arctic ice shelf, the real life Larsen B bite the dust back in 2002, melted into oblivion by humanity's lack of concern for the environment.

However the name lives on with this Hertfordshire group. Their robust songcraft matches lilting melodies with intelligent lyrics that prove there is much more to them than jangly guitars and an 80s indie fixation.

Working on material in their bedrooms, the band's hooked up with the local postie who provided some jaunty whistling. Collecting some of their best cuts, forthcoming album 'Muskateer' is an interesting introduction to the group.

Larsen B specialise in the kind of thoughtful pop that Roddy Frame made a career out of. Classic influences abound, but they have the kind of verse, wit and imagination that should see them stand out from the crop.

Check out the video for 'Marilyn' taken from their forthcoming album...

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