Black & White clip...

Liars have an exacting approach to every they do.

Instead of attempting a new direction, the band bought an abandoned prison, buried microphones under the ground and re-invented how they make music.

From this, 'WIXIW' was born. Perhaps the band's most striking, idiosyncratic statement, 'WIXIW' found Liars in a blissfully creative mood. Recently outlining plans for a batch of European shows, the band have now unveiled a new video.

Directed by ALEX/2TONE from What You Steal, 'WIXIW' is described by Angus Andrew as “…like a beautifully shot black and white basketball version of Sisyphus.” Aaron Hemphill gives further explanation: "When making WIXIW, basketball was the only piece of the outside world we would indulge in. Watching the players in a finite contest, whose performance was validated with stats that showed they either played a good, or bad game provided some sense of relief and envy for us. With songwriting, there is no such way to determine if you did a good job. No rankings or points. No time limit telling you to stop. Here in the WIXIW video directed by What You Steal, we find the world of basketball may not be so clearly defined. This task is shown with more in common to what we were feeling writing the music than what we were envying on the television screen. What You Steal developed this treatment without any input from us, which makes this coincidence seem frighteningly appropriate, and educational."

Watch it now.

- - -

'WIXIW' is out now.


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