Live From Clash Studio: Lauv And Julia Michaels

Live From Clash Studio: Lauv And Julia Michaels

Exquisite acoustic version of their duet 'There's No Way' live and exclusive in Clash Studios...

LAUV and Julia Michaels are sat on the couch in the corner of the Clash studio and… well, there’s a spark. Hands linger on thighs, bodies face into each other’s shadow, and a playful peck on the cheek turns into a soft but lingering kiss on the lips. There’s chemistry, for sure.

In Europe ostensibly to promote new single ‘There’s No Way’ – but visiting Paris “just… because!” – the pair look to be inseparable, whispering into each other’s ears so no one around can hear their conversation.

Clash clears its throat. So: the single? “Julia came over to my house in LA,” recalls LAUV. “It was like, hey, maybe we’ll write a song! Then we kind of just hung out and talked about music.”

“We talked about life and stuff for six hours, or something,” he laughs. “Then we wrote the song the next time we hung out, with some friends of ours”.

The actual root of the song came from life, but equally from art; from experiences both past and present. LAUV explains: “Basically, we were both talking about experiences in the past where we were like, you meet someone, you feel some type of chemistry but something is in the way. Whether that’s timing or distance, whatever it might be. And I think we both had that feeling.”

Clash wonders aloud if this is art imitating life, in some form or other. “I don’t think Julia would admit it, but I started to feel that… in our situation. A bit!” he laughs. “But then I got really shy about it because we were writing a song. Like, don’t… say anything!”

Written in just a couple of hours, ‘There’s No Way’ fell in place completely naturally, almost without any effort. It’s a simple but luxurious hymn to love both forbidden and realised, with the melody so delicate it’s almost flirtatious.

“A lot of the songs that I have written in the past in the shortest amount of time have been – for some reason – the most successful,” muses Julia. “That’s just because you’re not over-thinking it. You’re just in the moment. And because of that it just feels right, you’re not getting in your own way.”

Letting things flow naturally seems to be the core of the song’s success – initially, LAUV was due to sing it himself, but with Julia accompanying him to the studio it felt right to her to perform as well.

“The thing about us both singing on it,” he recalls; “it kind of just happened super naturally. We were in the room, so we thought: let’s just both do it. And you were like: OK.”

“A lot of the vocal takes were like noisy, in the room, from the demo. I thought they’d be really bad. If you solo it, there’s a vocal in my first verse and you can hear a car in the background. They were raw.”

A truthful and honest portrait of the first flush of romance, passion, or even love, ‘There’s No Way’ is wonderfully effecting, completely intoxicating. Shooting a video outside of Los Angeles, LAUV and Julia Michaels hooked up once more for a memorable day together.

“We shot the video and it was… probably one of the best days ever,” she says, as LAUV starts to giggle. “It was! So easy and effortless.”

The pair’s evident chemistry set the internet alight, with fans desperate to know more. So light and easy-going in one another’s company, it hardly seems fair to press the issue, but we’re happy to ask if there will be more material from the pair.

“We haven’t written together since,” LAUV explains. “It’s definitely something we talk about. We wonder if the dynamic would be completely different now.”

“We’ve talked about it,” Julia shrugs. “We play each other songs, and give each other hugs and kisses.”

LAUV takes a long, lingering look at Julia, then says: “For sure. It would definitely be a different vibe now that we… whatever.”


Celebrating a moment for as long as it lasts, LAUV and Julia Michaels were in the Clash studio to shoot a live version of 'There's No Way' - watch it now.


Location: Clash Studios

Shot & Filmed using Olympus Cameras

Recorded using Shure KSM8/N and Lewitt Audio room microphones

Audio & Mastering: Metropolis Studios 

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