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Marina And The Diamonds have been inescapable this year.

Hailing from Wales, Marina Diamandis always felt like she was destined for great things. Complete untaught, her dramatic voice is the missing link between the pure pop of Lady Gaga and the free spirit of Kate Bush.

Releasing her debut album earlier this year Marina & The Diamonds, have been working on a series of eye catching promos. Recent single 'I Am Not A Robot' was backed by a typically adventurous video, with Marina in a lavish pose.

Now the group are preparing to hit the festival season ahead of their new single 'Oh No!'. Due for release on July 26th the single will come with a striking new video courtesy of Kinga Burza, who last worked with Marina on her 'Hollywood' video.

Showcasing her unique style, a new behind the scenes video shows what it is like to be onset with Marina And The Diamonds.

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