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Matias Aguayo - Ay Ay Ay

Listen to the new album by Matias Aguayo, 'Ay Ay Ay', before it's UK release on Kompakt records.

The album from the former Closer Musik and Broke member is his second long player and sees the Chilean born producer utilise his voice as an instrument in some incredible ways.

A prolific composer, under a multitude of pseudonyms and in a number of genres, 'Ay Ay Ay' is the follow up to his debut album 'Are You Really Lost?', released on Kompakt in 2005. In the interim he set up a label, Cómeme, with friends in South America and released two well received singles, 'Minimal' and 'Walter Neff', on his European home, Kompakt.

Listen to 'Ay Ay Ay' in full above and read ClashMusic's review of it HERE.

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