(Lyric Video)

The 'Lyric Video' seems to be a relatively new phenomenon that comes into play in a variety of circumstances; sometimes it's because a new, up-and-coming artist can't afford to make a big budget promo clip and rather than put out a lo-fi selection of live footage they get their graphic designer mate to help out with a lyric video, and sometimes it's because a band like Muse are so big time they can't be arsed to mince about in front of a green screen or on location all day.

Whatever the reason for its creation lyric videos are like Ronseal. This Muse one for 'Follow Me' is aesthetically a bit like a late 90's Playstation game, echoes of G-Police, a touch of Quake perhaps, the key talent (the lyrics) being given a faux 3D effect by some clever shading. It's a technique that graphic designers first begin to work on in primary school when they doodle their name in bubble writing and add a bit of shadow to make it 'pop.' 

'Follow Me' is out on December 10th, it's taken from Muse's number one album 'The 2nd Law'.