Strident indie-folk with a visceral edge...
A Festival, A Parade

A Festival, A Parade are all taut energy waiting to be released.

The indie-folk group made strident, acoustic-hued music, with barely contained emotion rippling beneath the surface.

Working with producer Paul Gregory, the band's new 'Stay Away From Me' EP is set to be released this Autumn.

New song 'Cold Shower' leads the way, and it's about those moments of shock, when an ordinarily placid individual erupts.

The lyrical impact is enhanced by the subtle arrangement, building and building in energy before suddenly exploding.

Frontman Joe Allan states: "'Cold Shower' is a song which takes a twisted look at endurance, empathy, and the chaos that could ensue when any even-tempered individual is pushed to their boiling point..."

Tune in now.

Catch A Festival, A Parade at The Great Escape on May 19th.

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