Darkcore re-tooled for 2k16...
Mella Dee

Mella Dee has always been a difficult producer to pin down.

Informed by UK bass heritage yet continually toying with shards of techno, the beat maker seems to occupy a world of his own.

New EP 'Deep Soul' is incoming on DEXT Recordings, and it manages to somehow reveal and obscure at the same time.

Take the title cut: a thundering slice of Darkcore energy re-tooled for a 2016 club environment, the crushed amen breaks are filtered through a techno consciousness.

Informed by prime R&S or those early Metalheadz cuts, Mella Dee steers things in a fresh direction - claustrophobic and deeply intense, sounds like these are incapable of passing by quietly into the night.

Clash is able to premiere the accompanying visuals, a black and white clip that features the destruction (and re-creation) of tower blocks.

Stark yet meditative, you can tune in below.

Catch Mella Dee online HERE.

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