Brittle electronics from the Swiss-born New Yorker...
Null + Void

Swiss-born New Yorker Kurt Uenala made his debut more than a decade ago.

Striking out in a vein of club-ready synthetic pop music, the producer's approach has gradually hardened, sparking a new direction under the Null + Void moniker.

New cut 'Asphalt Kiss' is an ominous slice of proto-techno, with the dystopian atmosphere conjured by some brittle electronics.

Snorri Bros have sculpted the visuals, and it wrings out the paranoid obsessions of the cut itself. They explain:

"We tap into a grim world of a dismal city at night. The atmosphere is foreboding and dreary. What is taking place is not certain, but clearly, something is going down."

"A collector of sorts is on the go, a streetwalker, sluts in dark alleys. What more is there? Someone being whacked or just a transfer of stolen goods? The truth depends on your imagination. The clues are lurking everywhere. But it will devour a life whenever it can."

"Bright laser lights, flashes and a deranged girl that comes walking across the train yard, zombified in her best dress. Stumbling through a ghostly forest in a state of decay and sorrow."

Tune in now.

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